eBooks by Rufus Opus

A Modern Angelic Grimoire

Currently at rev 0.3, this e-book provides a quick and easy method of contacting the Archangels of the Planets. These Spirits are essential to Work with in some form if you want to advance in the Work. I'm aChristian, but the information in this book applies to people of all religious persuasions, although it is still based on the Judeo-Christian revelation of the Divine.

You'll need to have Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader installed to read the book. 

$7.95 (USD)

A Modern Goetic Grimoire

My method of working with the spirits of the Lemegeton's Goetia. It's not traditional, but it's super effective. Turned out to be too effective for me at the time, and I had to stop using it because it scared my wife. And I wsan't particularly happy with how the spirits manifested my desires over the long run. This is a book of magical practice that works. That's pretty dangerous. Stick to conjuring them for instruction, and you should be fine. If you do get screwed over using this, I warned you. The RO Guide to Demon Magic Recovery is available below.

You'll need to have Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader installed to read the book. 

$12.95 (USD)

Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual

A guide to getting to know your talisman, keeping your talismans strong, and helping them to grow in power and efficiency. Also includes information on decommissioning talismans when necessary. 

$4.95 (USD)

The Genius and the Evil Daimon

After the posting the Neo-Platonic Basics Section 2.7 - The Genius and the Evil Daimon to my blog, I received a lot of requests for the spreadsheet I mentioned. The trouble is, the spreadsheet alone isn't sufficient.

So I've put together a 24-page ebook that provides all the necessary steps to figure out your Genius and Evil Daimon names.

Included are:

  • Clear and concise instructions for determining the names
  • The tables with the appropriate letters for each degree
  • A Conjuration Ritual for the Genius
  • A printable Table of Practice for the Conjuration Ritual
  • A sample Lamen and a blank Lamen for the Conjuration Ritual
$9.95 (USD)