Rufus Opus

The Red Work

"I have a vision. I want to live in a world of enlightened beings. I want to establish a living, breathing network of people enjoying the lives of divine kings, and helping others do so too. Together, we will change the face of Arrakis."
-Rufus Opus, The Magus Factory

Can you picture it? Living in a world where people are mature, responsible, and healthy? Where people go after the things they want with a passion, while leaving plenty of room and resources for everyone else to go after their passions too? A world of pleasure, abundance, and joy?
If you're getting that cynical allergic response, I totally understand. It sounds naive, this dream of mine. Cynicism is the response I had for many years when people would pop up all doe-eyed, talking about how everyone could just get along if we loved and respected one another. Quite frankly, those optimists pissed me right off. I hated them passionately, and ridiculed them, and laughed when their hopeful little dreams were crushed by what I thought were the harsh and inescapable steamrollers of reality.
And why was I so bitter about it? Because, secretly, I used to be one of them. I used to be a dreamer, I had hopes for myself, things I wanted to do with my life that I just couldn't have. It started when I had to support myself, pay rent, buy groceries. Dreams didn't pay for themselves. Then I found myself in a relationship, married with kids, and laden with responsibilities. I had a hateful spouse, a hateful job, and a money-pit of a house. Every part of my life was shit and I dreamed of leaving, but felt trapped by the kids, the wife, the bills. I owed them my misery, I had to sell myself out for the greater good... 
And I did it. By all societal standards of right action, no one could say I was anything but the "good father," the "responsible husband," the "dedicated worker." Nevermind that I fought with my wife all the time, or that I grew more and more bitter as my hopes and dreams were slowly crushed out of me. 
But I hadn't completely given up, yet. I always had a bit of a stubborn streak, and the part of me that clung desperately to the idea that life didn't have to suck all the time when you were an adult wouldn't give in. It dragged me into get rich quick schemes that failed, and I grew more bitter. It dragged me into religion, which helped with some things, and failed miserably in others, and I grew more bitter. It dragged me into the occult, following up on some of the leads I found in religion, and lo and behold... I found something that actually worked: the path of Hermetics.

Buried in texts nearly 2000 years old, I found a map that explained the truth about human beings that I'd always known, but lacked the language to describe. I finally understood who we are, and where we come from. I understood what it was I was here to do, and how I could accomplish that purpose in a way that brings wealth, prosperity, and happiness to myself and those around me. I found the technology and the techniques, and the means to implement them in my world.

Everything didn't change overnight as a result of this. It took me a while to experiment and figure out which parts worked really well, and which parts were more appropriate to the people of the first through third centuries. But I picked away at it, practiced, honed my skills, and discovered a current of power that flows under all things, bringing things into being and returning them to their invisible source. I learned to work with this power in the ways it manifests, and to use it to make myself the king of my world, with financial prosperity, emotional health and happiness, and best of all, incredible sex. 


Ok, the sex is great, but that's not really the best part, it's just a facet of the best part: I found the way to joy.

And being a technical writer, trained to focus on turning complicated technological information into clear, concise, correct, complete, and comprehensive instructional documentation, I started writing up the tips and tricks I've found that work. I've developed courses that teach beginning, advanced, and expert level techniques of manifestation and ascension. I've found obscure grimoires with instructions on making potent talismans that focus the powers of wealth, luck, love, and victory into your life. I've learned to provide immediate relief to folks in need so they can get started focusing on becoming the creator-gods of their worlds instead of the reactive victims of a cruel universe.

In these pages, you will find the products I produce that give you an edge in your life, the training to become a fully aware and empowered Magus who knows their source, their purpose, and the methods to obtain all they desire, and my personal services to help you figure out what's going on in your world, how you fit into the overall picture, and what you need to be working on to get yourself to the place you want to be. And some eBooks I've written. Note that you get all the eBooks I've written as you go through the courses.

The things I teach, the things I do, the methods I use all work really well for me, and for people like me: those called to the Hermetic path of manifestation and materialization. To get an idea of whether this is for you or not, start with the Neo-Platonic Basics eBook. It lays out the process and core beliefs I work with to create my world. If that makes sense to you, chances are pretty good that you're the kind of person I'm looking for, a Magus capable of illumination and the salvation of the world.

No pressure. 

Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride!